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Peaceful rise of China

5. október 2016 | 9:00


5. október | 18:00


Banská Bystrica, Slovenská republika


Východoeurópska agentúra pre rozvoj n.o. pripravila v spolupráci s Univerzitou Mateja Bela v Banskéj Bystrici vedeckú konferenciu pod názvom “Peaceful rise of China“, ktorá sa uskutočnila dňa 5. októbra 2016 v Banskej Bystrici.

It shall be the comprehensive assessment of several internal as well as external aspects of a challenging development of Chinese economy and society since starting to realize its reform policies at the end of the 1970s as well as of Chinese foreign policy priorities including its cooperation with the European Union, the Russian Federation, Eurasian cooperation ASEM, global cooperation in the framework of a global cooperation group the BRICS, its integration efforts in East Asia, Australasia and Asia-Pacific region as well as of the topical changes in economic strategy and of Slovakian-Chinese bilateral cooperation.

The contributions should be oriented mainly to following areas:
1. Impacts of economic reforms of the 1970s into the position of PRC in the world economy and community
2. Peaceful rise of China – a key philosophy of Chinese acting in international relations
3. Importance of foreign trade for Chinese economic growth during the decades
4. Nowadays changes in economic strategy of the Chinese government
5. EU-PRC relations development during several last decades
6. Global coordination group the BRICS and China
7. China as leading trading power in the region of East Asia, Australasia and Asia-Pacific
8. China and integration trends in the region of East Asia
9. Possibilities and limits of Slovakian-Chinese economic cooperation in the framework of a larger dimension of Visegrád Group, Central Eastern European Countries as well as European Union