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Kvalita a efektivita v procese vzdelávania na policajnej škole

28. máj 2014 | 9:00


30. máj 2014 | 14:00


Košice, Slovenská republika


The event aims to create a space for sharing experiences and getting suggestions from Slovak and foreign police schools providing basic police training. Main interest will be of the solutions adopted to ensure the quality and efficiency of educational process by applying benchmarking method (how to make things better on the basis of the results obtained in other organizations). Attention will be drawn to innovative forms, methods, resources and to presentation of collaboration with executive departments and concretization of practices in management of schools.

Discussion will be held with the participation of police schools management in these areas:
– Ensuring of the required level of police schools graduates
– Specifications of the educational process in police schools
– Factors affecting the quality and effectiveness of the educational process in police schools

Expected outputs of the event are suggestions and proposals which can be implemented in school education programs and procedures with potential use in managing educational process.