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Bezpečnosť, extrémizmus, terorizmus 2023

8. december 2023 | 10:00


8. december 2022 | 14:00


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Scientists of the Zaporizhia Hetman Academy of Nobles named after Prince Dmytro Vyshnevetskyi (Bayda), KRC ZODA took part in an important international video conference on the fight against organized crime, terrorism and extremism

Scientists of the Zaporizhia Hetman Academy of Nobles named after Prince Dmytro Vyshnevetskyi (Bayda), KRC ZODA took part in an important international video conference on the fight against organized crime, terrorism and extremism. The event was moderated by a well-known and respected Slovak public figure in Ukraine, a participant in many of our Cossack volunteer and cultural-historical actions, a member of the board of the First National Public Cossack Historical Library, a retired colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Slovakia, Josef Zatko. Experienced experts, specialists, veterans of law enforcement agencies from Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, and Lithuania took part in the conference. Representatives of educational institutions of the participating countries from Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Lviv, Rivne and other cities made proposals and professional speeches. As the head of the Hetman’s Academy, a military historian, public administration specialist had the honor to speak also with information about the criminal actions of the Russian military-terrorist criminal authorities and the military in Ukraine during the period of an unprovoked full-scale invasion of our native land, he emphasized the need for the earliest possible unification of the efforts of politicians of all democratic, civilized countries of the world, especially Europe, to create an international court in the form of a tribunal for mass crimes against humanity against Kremlin officials and murderous soldiers, to implement the provisions of the Peace Formula of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi and to create in Europe a mechanism or toolkit to prevent similar manifestations of violence and the occupation of foreign countries lands and waging aggressive wars of aggression through updating existing institutions or giving new structures wider powers and opportunities to prevent provocations of military conflicts.

Also, using the examples of past world wars, the shortcomings of the actions of former statesmen, the unwillingness to see the hard truth of life and the consequences of the lack of resistance to irresponsible politicians – dictators, fascists and Nazis, he proved the urgent need for urgent and large-scale military and political assistance to Ukraine in order to defeat the Muscovites, prevent the further development of the war in The Third World War due to the strengthening of the aggressive imperial actions of the Russian totalitarian leadership, which is eager to regain control and actually dictate its evil will to the free states on the continent. European politics has always had both successes and shortcomings, tragic mistakes. At one time, the League of Nations – a highly respected foundation created by powerful countries to settle disputes for various geopolitical reasons – could not unite in time and respond to the danger posed by militaristic Japan and Hitler’s fascism, the threat of occupation of the Baltic states and parts of independent Eastern European countries by the then Stalinist of the totalitarian Soviet Union, which led to the most terrible Second World War on the planet, which is still terribly reminiscent of itself with the remnants of extremism and anti-human ideas in the sick heads of small groups of criminals, supporters of the ideas of former dictators and world-class bandits, and the Russian-Ukrainian actual war, unleashed by the crushing aggressor country of the Russian Federation against our Motherland clearly points to the emergence of problems in the world order system, based on the principles of the United Nations Organization, which was established in time, which for decades, although always effectively, nevertheless performed its role as a peacemaker and contributed to the fight against violence on a large scale, preventing the next world war catastrophe. The North Atlantic Alliance is also a reliable shield against terrorism, extremism and the development of military conflicts, which since 1949 has proven itself in many peacekeeping missions, protecting the peoples of the planet from violence, fighting piracy, and deterring the aggressive totalitarian regimes of the Russian Federation and others from attempts to “play m” by means of snares” and invade Europe for revenge for the loss in the “Cold War” in order to renew its negative influence, propagandize the weak cave ideas of the so-called domination of the “Russian world” over other people.

The established system of business and honest cooperation in the European Union and NATO, among representatives of free nations, showed the correctness of the course of advanced countries to cooperate through dialogue, not destructive war, and brought impressive results in the form of a prosperous and happy life to almost five hundred million citizens who read about grief and the misery of war only in books, and human rights, social protection, respect for the law by the authorities and peoples, material well-being became the solid foundation on which the entire architecture of modern Europe stands, which is a good example for other peoples, murdered, humiliated and intimidated still remaining brutal dictators with their beastly apparatus of violence. But over time, in Europe, the negative changes that occurred after 2008, when the Russian Federation and other totalitarian regimes of the world intensified their subversive activities and on the continent and in Asia, were not timely noticed and analyzed criminal activities of extremist, neo-Nazi and terrorist groups. As evidenced by the facts of the political history of Europe in the twenty-first century, the interests of certain financial and industrial corporations had a negative impact on making the necessary decisions to increase the production of military products in the event of a large-scale war in Europe, the then state leaders of the powerful countries of Western Europe did not conduct the necessary thorough analysis of the reasons the consequences of possible aggressive actions primarily by the Russian leadership, did not see the danger in the growth of military exercises in the Russian Federation, calls of an extremist nature by irresponsible politicians like Zhirynovsky, ideologues of anti-scientific aggressive ideas of “the superiority of the Russian world” and its exclusive rights in other countries – Dugin, the words of the usurper Russian Federation of V. Putin about the dangerous theory of the so-called “one nation”, which did not give the rights to the existence and independent development of the Ukrainian nation, the rights to sovereignty and freedom from the Russian political and economic heavy slave chain of dependence. Only the national liberation Movement, which began in Ukraine since the glorious democratic Revolution of Dignity, showed everyone in the world the great danger from gangster corrupt regimes, using the example of the Yanukovych gang, which seized power with secret and overt help, deceiving Ukrainians, stood in the way of the course of European integration and establishing a normal free life for entrepreneurs, workers, and all citizens in the European Union. In our opinion, the problem of terrorism, extremism and separatism in Europe was at its peak, when terrorists and pro-Moscow sycophants started criminal anti-state activities in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan and other former republics of the collapsed USSR. Yes, pro-Russian agitators are still raging in Moldova, undermining the foundations of statehood through support for an illegal formation – the so-called “Transnistrian Republic”, in Georgia, the forces of Russian occupation military units and local terrorists have occupied a part of the sovereign territory actually captured by bandits, in Ukraine since 2014, Russian a de facto hybrid war has been launched by the Federation, by soldiers of the Rosarmy and terrorists and traitors, some of whom were recruited by the Russian special services from former Ukrainian law enforcement officers who were “werewolves in uniform”, and from February 24, 2022, from a full-scale unprovoked full-scale invasion of the regular army of the Russian Federation into Ukraine a huge hot war of a new type has already begun in full. It must be emphasized that such terrible phenomena as extremism, terrorism and separatism are organically connected with each other and like the ancient Greek Hydra or Medusa Gorgon can cause terrible damage to states and society, which we see today already in the center of Europe. I am deeply convinced that in our country – Europeans still have time to defeat the encroachment on the world domination of evil in the form of the dictatorship of Moscow and others, if citizens, politicians, elites of free countries understand the urgent need to join forces to overcome the crisis. Any erroneous attempts of the past to “pacify” the aggressor, to accept his harsh and unfair conditions will lead to the further development of the war, as it was already in the fiery twentieth century, when the battles of nations took tens of millions of lives to the grave in Europe and the world. In order to support and implement its terrorist invasion plans, the Russian leadership decided to further escalate tensions, increase spending on the war against Ukraine, expand with the totalitarian regimes of North Korea and Iran, switch to economies on “war rails”, dirty information war with the Ukrainian language, culture , values and the past, disgusting propaganda of their negative and extremely harmful ideas of their “superiority” and imperialism in the world. Regardless of the future life of Putin and the leadership of his aggressive country by the same war criminals who are responsible for the deaths and human tragedies of tens of millions of people in Europe, it is necessary to understand that the time for quick decisions in response to the development of a possible war in Eastern Europe has come a long time ago. Scientists, politicians, public figures, veterans of hostilities, leaders of democratic states and public organizations should prepare to provide a decisive military and political response to the aggressor of the Russian Federation and work hard to create a mechanism of effective, strong and effective economic sanctions and an embargo on the supply of critical technologies to Moscow , to prevent the release of weapons that will kill and maim Europeans. The possibility of selling natural resources of the Russian Federation should also be reduced to a minimum in terms of prices and volumes. It is good that the EU, NATO, our reliable friends and partners from the United States of America, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, Australia, and others well understand the negative perspective of the strengthening of the aggressor and occupier of the Russian Federation, and are powerfully helping Ukraine in the military and technical aspect , humanitarian sphere and medical provision. But at our scientific and practical conferences, we experienced people, specialists, veterans of the civil service and law enforcement system should also offer our solutions: the creation of an international scientific research center for the study of security problems in Europe, where, on a public basis, representatives of various scientific schools of democratic countries could to study together, analyze and propose to politicians draft solutions that will be useful, timely and effective in the struggle for peace and sustainable development on the continent. Already today it is necessary to formulate and send a letter or an appeal to the leaders of the EU and NATO to support Ukraine’s entry into these foundations, which will be an appropriate signal from representatives of the intellectual elite of many countries regarding the future security architecture in Europe. We also want to draw attention to the need to restore the capacities of the military-industrial complexes of NATO member countries for the transfer on the terms of a lease or other necessary weapons to Ukraine, which will speed up the overcoming of a large-scale security crisis, provide opportunities for the Ukrainian army to quickly overcome the enemy, implement the Peace Formula and prevent further advancement significantly weakened Russian occupation-terrorist army. Against the background of the deterioration of the security component and the increase in the number of mass murders of peaceful citizens of Ukraine, mutilations, injuries, deaths due to the deterioration of health due to the war, the infliction of unheard-of scale damage to personal property, the national economy, and the critical infrastructure of our Motherland, it is necessary to make an Appeal to our conference regarding speeding up the work of state leaders in the direction of the creation of an international tribunal to bring to justice Russian politicians and soldiers guilty of crimes against humanity committed and sanctioned by the leaders of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. carry out systematic work in accordance with the provisions of the State Information Security Strategy.

Thus, during the full-scale military-terrorist invasion of the Russian aggressor country in Ukraine, international conferences were held with the active participation of foreign friends from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania , Argentina, on various topical topics of military and political history, where the retrospect and perspective of military conflicts were considered, proposals were developed for governments, the issues of educating the youth and soldiers of the Armed Forces were resolved, the formation of a modern, adequate political view of the Russian-Ukrainian war from the point of view of European values, democratic norms and rules of the world order. approved by the UN Charter.

Today, it is necessary to investigate the causes and consequences of major wars for political actions to localize military conflicts in the future, to do everything possible for in-depth analysis and preparation of conclusions for governments and leading political forces that currently rule free countries, and this issue is also within the scope of our foundations . So, for example, in the Ukrainian Cossack Patriotic Rus of Resistance to Russian aggressors and invaders, brothers and sisters, who with weapons in their hands in the ranks of the Armed Forces defend the independence of our Motherland and the movement of military volunteers, public organizations have long been established and working – the World General Assembly of the Descendants of the Cossack Clans, the Zaporizhzhya Customary Cossack Knight Order named after Prince Dmytro Vyshnevetskyi (Bayda), Great Council of Chieftains of the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, All-Ukrainian Federation of Martial Arts “Spas”, Coordination Councils for the Development of Cossacks at the Zaporizhia Regional State Administration, Sicheslav Oblast, International Congress of Ukrainian Cossacks, All-Ukrainian Cossack Center for Promotion of Euro-Atlantic Integration, International union of Cossacks “Zaporizhka Sich”, International Hetman Academy of Nobles, First National Public Cossack Historical Library, national almanac “Ukrainian Patriotic Cossacks”, International Union of Ukrainian Cossack Writers, NSZHU, International Academy of Cossacks, powerful Cossack foundations from Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Kharkiv , Dnipro, Kyiv, Cherkasy, Lviv, Khmelnytskyi, and other cities and regions, the elders of which take an active part in considering issues of a political nature, are engaged in rule-making activities, help young leaders and the deputy corps with advice, proposals, and prepare draft decisions of state authorities . For example, back in May 2014, at the Grand Council of Atamans of Ukraine, which we held in Zaporizhzhia together with representatives of local councils and regional state administrations, a historic decision was made to strongly condemn the actual aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the temporary occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, with calling on the Cossacks to defend their homeland in the units of the Armed Forces, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was asked to create a reserve army similar to today’s territorial defense. At the First Historical International Congress of the Ukrainian Cossacks, it was decided to launch a national liberation movement against the Russian occupiers, to propose the adoption of state programs for the development of Cossacks in the regions, to create a coordination council for Cossacks under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, later with the help of the All-Ukrainian Cossack Center for the Promotion of Euro-Atlantic Integration and the listed specialists were given proposals for changes in the legislation regarding Ukraine’s accession to NATO and the EU.

Cossack lawyers, former high-ranking government officials, veterans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine provided recommendations and prepared drafts and formulations of state strategies for national-patriotic education of youth, information security, national security, Laws of Ukraine in the field of security and development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, strengthening the state’s defense capabilities. Recently held international Cossack socio-political conferences at their meetings considered the expansion of the Ukrainian Cossack Movement of Informational Resistance to Russian aggressors and occupiers, assistance in the practical implementation of the Peace Formula of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi, expansion of cooperation with army units and the deputy corps and ministries in the deployment of educational activities for young people , preparation of relevant programs at the level of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. We are currently preparing a new international meeting to support the creation of an international tribunal against the Russian aggressor country for mass crimes against humanity on the sovereign territory of Ukraine since 2014 and a full-scale unprovoked armed invasion since 2022. Such examples of effective social and political activity of the Ukrainian Patriotic Cossacks, business cooperation with local self-government bodies and state authorities give good, useful results for the people of the country in the form of timely, fateful political decisions. We are ready to share our experience with foreign colleagues and we consider the holding of such conferences moderated by our respected knight of the Zaporizhzhya Cossack Customary Order named after Prince Dmytro Vyshnevetskyi (Bayda), Mr. Joseph Zatko, extremely important and necessary for starting the study of possible dangerous risk factors for the peaceful life of European peoples without wars and conflicts for many decades since 1945. Today, it is very important to clearly show all aggressor countries and international criminal groups, who crave chaos and totalitarian control through the genocide of other peoples and violence, that the civil society of democratic countries will not surrender, will not go into slavery, but will reliably defend itself and fight the enemy with a mandatory victory, for which the intellectual elites of the countries of the Free World should actively communicate, unite and work hard on the creation of models of the future, projects of normative acts and state programs aimed at eliminating global threats to the happy life of billions of people, promoting educational activities in all world, the formation of creative collectives for the development of a regulatory framework in politics, defense, security, culture, history, art, rule-making, etc.

On behalf of our comrades in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the International Cossack Volunteer Staff, I sincerely thanked everyone for the enormous humanitarian aid and political support for Ukraine, which once again, as it did hundreds of years ago, protects the Free World from slavery and the new terrible form of colonialism of the Russian aggressor country. The threat of a potentially colossal catastrophe in the sphere of security, independence, food, ecology, culture, demography is a cruel reality today, therefore European nations need to form a response to these threats through dialogue, interstate measures, decisions of the EU and NATO, the UN and PACE, the expansion of dialogue with civil society .

Many speakers in their expert opinions presented facts and opinions regarding the strengthening of preventive and preventive actions in the fight against extremism and terrorism, proposed strengthening of relevant programs by the ministries of internal affairs of countries, implementation of new methods based on scientific research in criminology, law, relevant technologies of direct combat with criminal groups in Europe, including Russian agents and spies and agents of influence. The discussion had a constructive character and was useful for strengthening friendship and mutual understanding between the esteemed participants.


Sincerely, rector of the academy,
head of the Resistance Movement,
member of the NSJU

Dmytro Sukhinin (Hora)