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Generally beneficial services of the agency
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In compliance with Article 2 (2) of Act No. 213/1997 Coll. as amended, the non-profit-making organization will provide the generally beneficial services particularly in these areas:

  • Cooperation with national, European and world institutions and organizations /providing services in the field of mutual exchange of information, contacts, education and development on international level/.
  • Developing of activities supporting development of the Eastern European zone /supporting increase of competitive strength, employment and flexibility of organizations and institutions as well as labour power in the Eastern European zone/.
  • Increasing the mobility of labour power from Eastern European zone by means of organizing internships and work experience in the European zone.
  • Support of student internships and student mobility from the Eastern European zone in order to bring together and know cultural diversities of the individual regions.
  • Organizing international cultural and sport activities in order to have knowledge of multicultural diversity.
  • Providing health care, social help and humanitarian care /by providing services in the area of humanitarian and social help for selected groups of population through programs in the field of human resources, health service, and others/.
  • Services for support of regional development and employment / by means of consultancy and educational services and active measures at the labour market that support employment as well as services focused on social development and cooperation among the regions of the European Union.
  • Protection of population health, creation and protection of environment.
  • Creation, development, protection and presentation of spiritual and cultural values.
  • Protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, equality between men and women.
  • Schooling, education and physical culture development /organizing trainings, workshops, courses focused on increase of lifelong learning level as well as increase of population´s physical health./
  • Cooperation with national, Eastern European and world educational institutions.
  • Support of science and research, contacts and cooperation in the field of science and research, popularization of science in public.
  • Editorial activity.
  • Exploitation of renewable sources of energy /services in the field of renewable sources of energy, advertising of these sources as well as possibilities of financing these activities.
  • Sustainable development of rural regions /by means of services for rural regions, local administration focusing on agricultural tourism and increase of tourism in cooperation with small and medium entrepreneurs/.
  • Support of regional marketing and promotion.
  • Support of marginalized groups and their integration into social, working and family life.
  • Support of infrastructure development in the school, health, culture and social field in close cooperation with existing organizations.