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Podhájska - The Dead Sea in the middle of Europe
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     It lies 400 metres below sea level. If you want to try its beneficial effects on the whole organism, you do not need to travel as far as Jordan or Israel. The great amount of iodine and bromine that positively affect the whole nervous system, sulphur and magnesium that heal skin diseases or potassium that favourably influences arthritis and rheumatism can be found in high concentration also in Slovakia in the thermal water of Podhájska.

     Slovakia is world-famous for its natural geothermal springs that have healing and relaxing affects for the whole human organism. Most of them have been used for balneotherapy already for several centuries. Recently several new thermal bathing pools and aqua parks were added to them that are directed to the general public.
     In Slovakia, there are more than 1200 mineral water springs and there is nearly no area where you cannot find any. Many of the mineral springs are thermal ones with popular therapeutic and recreational facilities. We visited exactly one of these thermal bathing pools.
     Health spas are places for meeting of all generations in all seasons of the year. Wellness is nowadays a modern method of care of yourself. Thermal spa Podhájska is such an oasis. There you can draw lost energy, prevent mental fatigue by means of water´s healing affects, whirlpool bath, exercise in the water, all kinds of massages, ... The thermal spa with extremely high mineralization and temperature of water belongs to the most valued in the Central Europe. Podhájska is one of the most visited spa and touristic attractions of Slovakia. It is our small Slovak sea. The healing thermal water with such composition can be found only here and its healing effect is similar to the one of the Dead Sea. The water comes from the Cainozoic hot spring.
     Village Podhájska is situated on the south edge of the River Hron upland, 170 metres above sea level. It belongs to Nové Zámky district and Nitra county. It lies on the railway route between Levice and Šurany, it borders with Trávnica, Radava, Pozba, Velké Lovce villages. It belongs to the oldest villages in Slovakia.
     The first well in Podhájska was done in 1973. The research related the spatial distribution of the terrestrial heat and it was focused on searching hyper thermal waters in the Western Carpathians. The boring works were finished in the depth of 1900m. Hot water of approximately 80°C started to spout out of this depth with high content of iodine that colours it brown. The given circumstances contributed to gradual development of pools, snack bars, whole recreational facility, ... Development of the thermal bathing pool is recorded since shifting of ownership to the village in 1991 and it proceeds until now. We broaden the attractive services in the field of accommodation, pools, gastronomy, ...
     People come to Podhájska thermal pool because of the salty water with composition similar to the one of the Dead Sea and is unique within whole Europe . The water from the thermal spring is world unique with positive impacts on the whole organism. Detailed study proved that it has even deeper and more permanent regenerative effect than the water from the Dead Sea. Thermal water has beneficial effect on the human organism, it is suitable for treatment of skin diseases, locomotive organs, vascular diseases, disease of respiratory organs, alleviates backache, pains of joints, and it positively influences follow-up treatment of fractures, cures osteoporosis, psoriasis, rheumatic diseases. Salty water does not allow further reproduction of brought bacteria, but it kills them.
     The very bathing pool is open all year round with a break in April, when general cleaning takes place. The sanitary norms are followed as it can be proved by the fact that the regular sanitary inspections never found any bacterial or fungal contamination. It is ensured also by high concentration of salts and minerals that directly kill all the bacteria. The year- long operation of the thermal bathing pool in Podhájska allows its visitors to choose the time of visit according to their discretion. People bath outside in the pools with thermal water even in winter months. Bathing in winter possesses charm even when the air temperature reaches 10°C below zero. The recommended time of bathing in the thermal water is 20 minutes. Temperature of water in the pools varies between 33 to 38°C.
     The spa territory is 12 hectare. There are many snack bars, catering facilities and sport facility with volleyball and tennis ground. The complex is made up with greenery and statues that were created in the premises during regular sculptural workshops. Recently, a relaxing and reconditioning complex grew that provides additional services as massages, hydrotherapy, electropathy, sauna, fitness, solarium, Thai massage or bioenergy therapy. Except for pool with thermal, strongly mineralized water with year-long operation, there are also other three pools, of which two are swimming ones, kid´s pool, switchback, natural solarium, sporting fields used mainly in summer.
     Although this region is suitable for recreation, collective tours, school trips, regeneration stays of performance sportsmen, the priority of Podhájska are people thirsty for having holiday stay in a quiet and nice environment. The beautiful environment of the south edges of the River Hron upland creates ideal conditions for walks in the surrounding forests either on foot or by mountain bikes. There are suitable slopes for sledging and cross-country skiing in winter. The surrounding of the village is really charming. It is possible access nearby historical sites by tourist footpath, e.g. ruins of a monastery of Order of Saint Paul in Mariánska Celad. Mariánska Celad is a small wasteland belonging to Velké Lovce, a village in Nové Zámky district. There is a discovery site from the Bronze Age. It is worth to visit also the nearby Nové Zámky, Levice and Nitra. Visit to arboretum in Mlynany can be a nice attraction too, where you can see more than 2300 species of precious exotic trees. In Hurbanovo, there is an interesting observatory.
     There are many reasons for visiting Podhájska. It is shown by the presence of numerous tourists during the whole year not only from Slovakia but also from the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Austria, ... Over half a million visitors came here in 2008. There is no lack of accommodation. Dozens of boarding houses have grown up in the village and its surroundings that provide quality services to their guests.